One Website that performs well on all the devices. We make it that simple.

scriptcodr Websolutions develope your websites using latest bootstrap technology to make compatible in all devices like smartphones, iphones, tablets, laptops & of course computers. Websites adjust its structure in different screen resolutions automatically and thus are very user-friendly. Apart from it, these sites are well tested in different browsers such as google chrome, mozilla, internet explorer, safari etc.

"Google announced algorithm updates that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers"

  • Make your website user friendly for ALL
  • Save Time & Money
  • App-Like Experience to Users
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Google loves it

Our Work

At scriptcodr Websolutions, From conceptual view, responsive web design idea is rather simple. Develop webpages that “work” on all devices including mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. It is important to understand that definition of “work” is still a subjective term. Today, mobile browsers have come a long way and most of them are able to render even the table-based websites of the late nineties in a fairly acceptable manner. What is debatable though is the user experience. For example, you can have a website that fits perfectly on all mobile devices yet provides an unacceptable user experience. User experience is lot more than just responsive design and needs to be addressed as a core component of any website design or redesign project.

Why Responsive Website Designing ?

This is the age of smartphones, where every 4th user is using internet on his mobile phone. If your website is not responsive that simply means your website is missing those users who surf internet to find your products or services online in their smartphones, tablets or e-readers.

RWD is a technology that optimizes your website to perform well in all different resolutions from Desktop to smartphones to Tablets without creative all new mobile website, it saves your money from creating a new website and also saves time as you dont have to update information on 2 websites, as all information that requires updation, is getting served from one website to all type of users.

Responsive website gives app-like experience to users who browse it in smartphones, as it navigation gets simplified and important information is displayed on screen by just scrolling down and clicks, no need to zoom page or scroll page from left to right. It increases performance of your website by generating more leads and sales. These are affordable in price too.

One website serves all devices, thus you are managing just one website. You are saving money, because time is money.

More users on your website, means more leads or calls, means more sales. True ROI.

Google recommends to make build smartphones-optimized website. That means, responsive sites improving your promotion too. Thus, these are best if you want promotion/SEO on Google.

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