E-Mail marketing

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Email marketing is the most efficient, measurable method of communicating with your most valuable customers. That’s why we created ConvergeMail—a web-based email marketing tool with full 24/7 support that can enhance your acquisition efforts or CRM strategy with targeted Email marketing.

Converge Mail provides sophisticated functionality to create, track, schedule and deliver your messages in today’s changing email marketing climate.

Our email services include:

  • Message template creation
  • Email reporting and tracking
  • Delivery technology and expertise Pre-campaign message evaluator for all browsers
  • Domain experience in email best practices from a technical and marketing perspective

How it works ?

Contact list holds your recipients detail such as email address, first name.

Generally, It’s for grouping your recipients. When you send an email campaigns to a contact list everyone on that list receives the email.

You can create separate contact list based on your recipients such as prospects, customers and leads or based on your email campaign.

Bulk import recipients from CSV file.

Useful when you have hundreds or even thousands of recipients to be added to your contact list.

Import Contacts Guideline.

Save as your excel file to CSV format(comma delimated).

The import file should not be more than 2MB size. If more than 2MB then split the contacts file and upload.

Using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Useful when you have hundreds or even thousands of recipients to be added to your contact list.

You can send it right away or schedule it for later.

You can choose mutiple contact lists to blast your email campaign.

Who opened your email and when? Which link they Clicked? Find answers to such questions.

Get the complete email campaign statistics such as

Email Opens, Bounces, Link clicks, Unsubscribes. Easily Integrate with Google Analytics to further track your recipients.

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